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This approach provides a way for students to engage in critical thinking and reflection as they read, discuss, and respond to books. Collaboration is at the heart of this approach.

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Students reshape and add onto their understanding. Balanced Literacy , Literature , Reading Strategies. Magic Tree House Fact Tracker Penguins and Antarctica -- A Literature Study. This page literature study usually one page per chapter is jammed-packed with lots of great graphic organizers and questions to help integrate science and reading.

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Reading , Environment , Informational Text. These unit are aligned to 2nd grade Common Core standards, but can be used in many grades. Reading , Grammar , Literature. Novel Study , Minilessons , Literature Circles. Every page of this study will encourage students to use nonfiction text features and practice skills necessary to successfully complet.

Balanced Literacy , Earth Sciences , Literature. It is great for small groups or it can be used whole group. The packet includes vocabulary words, story map mini book, text features, fact and opinion, character traits, cloze passage, main idea and supporting det. Vocabulary , Reading Strategies , Winter. Minilessons , Printables , Literature Circles. This notebook contains twelve interactive activities, twelve anchor charts, and twelve pages of higher level thinking comprehension questions.

The best part of this forty two page novel study is th. Reading , Literature. Novel Study , Printables , Interactive Notebooks.

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In total there are 63 pages. Magic Tree House 40 Comprehension Packet. It goes chapter by chapter with comprehension questions for each chapter as well as a review and response page for the book. Lastly, I've included an answer key for. Reading , Reading Strategies. Kindergarten , 1 st , 2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th. Workbooks , Activities.

Each page one chapter per page has 5 vocabulary words that the students must defi. Reading , Literature , Winter. This unit is designed to engage students with the book while helping you assess their comprehension. There is a worksheet for each chapter of the book 10 chapters , with a variety of question types to help students inference, connect with the ideas, consider new vocabulary, and understand more of w.

The questions are based on reading comprehension, strategies and skills. The novel study is designed to be enjoyable and keep the students engaged. The novel study c. This is a bundle of guided reading units for books of the Magic Tree House Series. Show 10 included products. In total, there are pages.

This download includes Novel Stu. Perfect Book for the winter months! This book works well for a class read aloud, reading group, or independent study. Its ATOS book level is a 3. English Language Arts , Reading , Winter. Literature Circles. Fact sheets are included. Students can research Antarctica and penguins prior to reading the book. Balanced Literacy , Reading. Guided Reading Books , Literature Circles. Reading , Vocabulary , Writing. While this may be the case with many historical fiction books, Mary Pope Osborne is able to avoid a large amount of this controversy by using the fantastical events to create two explicit and clear narrators from contemporary times.

In the Magic Tree House books, things happen to Jack and Annie when they get in to a sticky situation that more than likely never would have actually occurred in history. For example, in Hour of the Olympics , Annie sneaks into the Olympic Games and is discovered by the guards after she cheers too loudly and removes the helmet that she is wearing, allowing her hair to fall down. In order to save Annie, Jack must call upon the lost story that he and Annie had just recently recovered from an anonymous female author.

Within the book, Hour of the Olympics , there is a vast array of accurate historical information, but there are also moments like this where the magical elements inside the text can create this idea of a past that never really existed. Women were not allowed in the Olympic Games and women who snuck into the games, much like Annie did, were punished, but no children with a philosopher ever hitched a ride from the mythological creature known as Pegasus.

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What this does is add that fantastical element that children love to the historical facts. Another fantastical element that is used in Magic Tree House , is the magical tree house. What this tree house does is travel through time and space to allow Jack and Annie the opportunity to embark on secret missions. Jack and Annie soon discovered that the tree house was magic. It could take them to the places in the books.

All they had to do was to point to a picture and wish to go there" Osborne, 1. The tree house makes its appearance in different ways through the three Magic Tree House books that I used as primary sources.

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In Hour of the Olympics and Afternoon on the Amazon , Jack and Annie run into the woods and find the tree house in the trees. However, in Eve of the Emperor Penguin , Jack is raking leaves and "glanced up at the late-afternoon sky - just in time to see a bright streak of light pass over the Frog Creek Woods" Osborne, 4.

This transition that the main characters take from present day life to historical time periods addresses the major way that Osborne's work can be critiqued. Jack and Annie are present day characters who travel in time and a lot of the things that they do, they look at from a futuristic perspective.

For example, in Ancient Greece they meet an anonymous female writer who gives them the story of Pegasus that she wrote. She says to them, "Perhaps someday women everywhere will write books just like men" and Jack responds with "they will I promise" Osborne, This confuses the woman because she is unaware of the things that will take place in the future times from which Jack and Annie come. It is worth noting the ways in which Osborne tries to contradict this feature known as presentism.

One of the biggest ways that she counteracts this, is by having Jack carry a notebook around with him that he takes notes in about the things that he learns.

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The main characters learn a great deal from the people they encounter during their adventures. For example, when they were in Ancient Greece, Jack was able to go to the Olympics because he was a boy and he vigorously took notes for Annie in his notebook. On pages 32 and 33 of Hour of the Olympics, Jack writes in his notebook the following things for Annie, "Ancient Greeks invented gyms", "Olive tree is sacred". In Afternoon on the Amazon , Jack and Annie don't encounter any people, so instead of writing down what people say to him, Jack carries around the book about the Amazon River from the tree house.

Whenever they encounter a new sound or animal they look it up. An example of this is seen as soon as Jack and Annie descend from the tree house. They hear "a crackling sound [that] sound[s] like people walking over leaves" Osborne, The siblings notice that many animals have fled the area and it grows incredibly silent around them aside from the sound.