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On the surface the changes are primarily editorial, introducing economy and exactness of language. As any composition teacher would point out, the first thing to notice is the elimination of redundancy.

Moreover, this rule of representation says nothing about who gets the right to vote. February 24, at am. It would have given the slave states permanent control of Congress because the slave state would have used control of Congress to insure that all future states admitted to the Union would have been slaves states, would it not? February 24, at pm. Of whom does the Constitution refer?

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These individuals do not appear to be identified as slaves, but rather a specific legal class of free persons. I think the majority of those who misunderstand or misinterpret this whole three fifths thing either do it on purpose to use to their advantage, or simply have not done the research to find out for themselves.

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This frustrates me to no end. I believe for America to continue to be free we must keep in mind the hearts and minds of our founding fathers. We must take the time to know their morals and deeply held beliefs. We must also keep in mind that they were not from our time. We cannot judge them based on who we are today. We must see them and understand them in their own time for who they were then and what our country was like then. I love this stuff. I believe we must know them as well as the document to gain true understanding.

Brad, at the time of the writing I think there was still indentured servitude. This was a contracted period of servitude for the payment of transport and relocation to America.

America's Second Founding: Civil War and Reconstruction

The Indians were and are a protectorate of the federal government where the Indians were treated as a foreign country. Had this not been done; the perpetual European wars may have persisted to intermeddle with the American Indian affairs. Brad: bound to Service for a Term of Years are those of indentured servants primarily from Europe. These are people who either contracted their fare of transport to the states or were in debt already and arrangements were made with the shipping companies conveying goods of trade to the Americas.

Many were debtors who were subject to the ill-gotten practice of being jailed for their debt where they could not work off their debt and so in a somewhat not-by-choice fashion were made indentured servants to the shipping companies. The shipping companies then would sell the contract of labor in the Americas to bidders. All from the Constitutional Convention notes.

Thomas Jefferson on Finding the Meaning of the Constitution

Interesting, so women and blacks had the right to vote since the beginning?? Yet were denied that right because of incorrect readings of the original Article within the Constitution? Am I understanding this correctly? February 25, at am. Barb: That is correct; but the right to vote for women in particular was not uniform among the states.

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In colonial times, for example, Pennsylvania voting rights were orchestrated around property ownership to land holders. Later, states like Idaho made law that give women the right to vote without any such land-holding impediments and gave an cablanche right to vote for women.

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They did this to encourage women to risk pioneering the unclaimed lands mostly populated by men and populate the territory. During the constitutional convention [or ConCon] debates August 21, 22, the premise was that each state was an independent nation and the auspices of the convention was not much more than a trade union. The original submitted draft of the Constitution brought to the ConCon actually forbade outright the blocking of the slave trade and forbade imposing a tax provision on the importation of slaves, so it appears.

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The draft evidently was revised to instead postpone the blocking of the slave trade and allowed a tax on the trade instead of none. So the end result of the draft constitution going into the ConCon was a marginally tougher instrument on slavery that what was proposed. The true question at hand is whether the Southern States shall or shall not be parties to the Union. So what we have on the table was the making of a stronger union versus a very loose, virtual one.

The confederate congress really had no power to speak of and figuratively had to have permission of ten states to sneeze, and then had to have permission of ten states again to get a handkerchief. Yet, if the abolition of slavery was promulgated in the Constitution, then the southern states would not have ratified it.

And abolition was allowed passively by the Constitution, by leaving with the states their own accord to abolish slavery as some statesmen like Mr.

The Bill of Rights & All Amendments

Sherman thought the abolitionist movement was already showing much success in that direction. Pickney also concurred thinking the Southern States will eventually block the importation of slaves of their own volition. I know that the women of New Jersey voted in elections up until about when sufferage was rescinded. Grow up. Fredrick Douglas figured this out. It was a way to undermine slavery, not keep it going. Do your homework. February 25, at pm. I think not. I see nothing in A1S2C3 that addresses suffrage, which was, like citizenship, left to the states to deal with originally.

Let it be a state problem that will resolve itself. Unfortunately, they were not correct in this assessment, and the Civil War erupted 80 years later. Quebec was simply viewed as another colony of British pesuasion…though it was also under control of the French for a time. Quebec was invited first under the AoC and invited a second time during the ratification of the US Constitution.

Quebec choose not to but may very well have been another state in the US. To date, the border between the US and Canada has been arguably the most peaceful border between two countries in the history of the world. It was because one part exercised fraud, oppression, and violence on the other, that men came together, and agreed that certain rules should be formed, to regulate the conduct of all, and the power of the whole community lodged in the hands of rulers to enforce an obedience to them.

But rulers have the same propensities as other men; they are as likely to use the power with which they are vested for private purposes, and to the injury and oppression of those over whom they are placed, as individuals in a state of nature are to injure and oppress one another. It is therefore as proper that bounds should be set to their authority, as that government should have at first been instituted to restrain private injuries. This principle, which seems so evidently founded in the reason and nature of things, is confirmed by universal experience. Those who have governed, have been found in all ages ever active to enlarge their powers and abridge the public liberty.

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This has induced the people in all countries, where any sense of freedom remained, to fix barriers against the encroachments of their rulers. The country from which we have derived our origin, is an eminent example of this. Their Magna Charta [1] and Bill of Rights [2] have long been the boast, as well as the security, of that nation.

I need say no more, I presume, to an American than that this principle is a fundamental one in all the constitutions of our own states; there is not one of them but what is either founded on a declaration or bill of rights, or has certain express reservation of rights interwoven in the body of them. From this it appears that at a time when the pulse of liberty beat high and when an appeal was made to the people to form constitutions for the government of themselves, it was their universal sense that such declarations should make a part of their frames of government.

It is therefore the more astonishing that this grand security to the rights of the people is not to be found in this Constitution. The powers, rights, and authority granted to the general government by this Constitution, are as complete, with respect to every object to which they extend, as that of any state government—it reaches to every thing which concerns human happiness—life, liberty, and property are under its control. There is the same reason, therefore, that the exercise of power, in this case, should be restrained within proper limits, as in that of the state governments.

To set this matter in a clear light, permit me to instance some of the articles of the bills of rights of the individual states, and apply them to the case in question.